Ankeny Young Professionals

About Ankeny Young Professionals

Ankeny Young Professionals began with approximately 20 members in 2004 and has grown to over 150 members. We've evolved from a small sub-committee of the Ankeny Area Chamber of Commerce to a dynamic group that the Chamber and community as a whole look to as up-and-coming leaders in Ankeny.

AYP Provides a wide variety of activities and opportunities that appeal to many different audiences.

Whether you're looking for networking opportunities, social activities, presentations on professional development, or all of the above, AYP is the place for you!

Our Vision

The Ankeny Young Professionals will create an ecosystem for the development of future leaders by providing more robust connections to the Ankeny business community, create professional development opportunities for future and emerging leaders with the goal of sustained community engagement, and provide opportunities for young professionals to be involved actively in Ankeny.

Past Chairs

Leadership History

Stoy Hall Stoy Hall 2017
Bryan Gruhlke Bryan Gruhlke 2016
Kim Hanken Kim Hanken 2015
Larry Anderson Larry Anderson 2014
Ryan Beatty Ryan Beatty 2013
Amanda Petersen Amanda Petersen 2012
Casey Carlson Casey Carlson 2011
Gabriel Glynn Gabriel Glynn 2010
Micah Taintor Micah Taintor 2009
Micah Taintor Micah Taintor 2008
Mandy Vogel Mandy Vogel 2007
Brian Herbel Brian Herbel 2006 co-chair
Nicole Schultz Nicole Schultz 2006 co-chair

AYP of the Year

Beginning in 2014 AYP decided to recognize one member of our organization for their outstanding contribution to making AYP great during the course of that year. Criteria for the award, set by the Board of Directors, includes attendance, recruiting, advocacy, and more.

Ann Tiernan Ann Tiernan 2016
Larry Anderson Larry Anderson 2015
Kim Hanken Kim Hanken 2014